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Farm fair

City farm fair is a growing thing in London, along with organic food produces. People are increasingly aware of the importance to reconnect with nature, back to the basics and grow your own food, I hope you can be aware too. Not necessarily have to start now, but when the right time comes. 

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TNA - Ring House, Karuizawa 2006. Prev, via.


Vo Trong Nghia Architects - Stacking green house, Saigon 2011 (similar 1,2). Via.


Eat Berlin, Prinzessinnengarten

There’s one special place in Kreuzberg area of Berlin. It’s not always open, but when plants start to grow and the sun warms up the city, it’s a place to be in. I’m talking about the Prinzessinnengarten, an urban garden in the middle of Berlin, on Moritzplatz. You can sit there under a shadow of a tree, have a lovely milk coffee with a piece of cake or a salad with vegetables and herbs from a garden. There’s also a possibility to buy delicious plants growing there or to help to plant them. It does not look as a typical garden, as each plant grows in a crate or a sack, there’s a reason for this - apparently site used to be a wasteland for over half a century. But don’t worry, it’s all cleaned up and organized in a wonderful and peaceful garden… —What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today

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"When you live in a city like Detroit, it’s not just buildings that have become ruins. It’s that a way of life, a way of thinking has died and something else has been born — a new culture, a new spirit. And I think that’s what you get in Detroit if you are able to look past the ruins. What an opportunity. What a time to be alive."

Here’s a different story about Detroit. With the recent news coverage of its declaration of bankruptcy, we travel to a city of vigor where joyful, passionate people are reimagining work, food, and the very meaning of humanity. Grace Lee Boggs, a Chinese-American philosopher and civil rights legend, is the heart and soul of this largely hidden story, which holds lessons for us all.